Manufacturer of plastic food grade packaging solutions

Looking for a manufacturer of plastic food grade packaging solutions?

Avamoplast specialises in the development and manufacturing of plastic food grade packaging solutions. Our product range encompasses anything from square boxes and oval-shaped trays, across round containers to rectangular punnets and well beyond... all made in plastic, available in any number of different sizes, in every imaginable colour and supplied with all kinds of lids. In principle, our products are intended for single use. As the manufacturer of these plastic food grade packaging solutions, we supply large volumes directly to food and beverage sector wholesalers, retailers, food processing companies and food producers. We are happy to refer smaller-scale operators (caterers, restaurants,  take-aways, fruit and vegetable shops, butcher's shops, etc.) to our distribution network. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a distributor in your local area.

As manufacturer of plastic food grade packaging solutions, needless to say we attach the utmost importance to the quality of our products. The company has been up and running since 1993. We deliver constant quality: each packaging unit is identical to the one that came before and the one that comes after it. Moreover we place a premium on elements such as shelf life, hygiene and sealability. In 2006, we were awarded the international BRC-IOP certificate.

Standard range

In most situations, we are able to assist our customers with our comprehensive standard range. As manufacturer, we have developed over 250 different types of plastic food grade packaging units, all of which are available from stock, ready to be delivered by the pallet-load straight away (we operate a two pallet minimum purchase policy). Click here to discover our standard range.

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Need for tailor-made packaging solutions

As flexible manufacturer of plastic food grade packaging solutions we also produce to order.

In this case we work up a unique plastic packaging unit that is entirely geared to your specific needs and requirements.

Do you need your packaging to be sealable, come in a specific shape, be oven or microwave-safe?

Courtesy of our two manufacturing technologies (thermoforming and injection moulding) and the various types of raw materials we use, which each have their own specific properties, we are able to come up with the right solution to suit every need. We are also available to apply decoration onto the packaging models of your choice by way of in-mould labelling (injection moulding) or dry-offset printing.

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