Plastic food containers

Looking for plastic food containers?

As manufacturer of plastic packaging solutions, Lokeren-based Avamoplast is the right place if you need plastic food containers in large volumes. We specialise in the direct supply of plastic food containers to food producers, food processing companies, retailers and food and beverage sector wholesalers. If you are a small-scale operator such as a food and beverage establishment, a fruit and vegetable shop, a butcher's shop or a caterer, we are happy to refer you to a distributor in the area where you live for plastic food containers. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a distributor in your local area.  

Owing to our flexibility, we offer virtually infinite options for plastic food containers. We have devised a particularly broad standard range of plastic food containers in every possible size, shape, colour and for just about every food application going.

If you are in need of plastic food containers that also go into the oven, the microwave or the freezer, our standard range encompasses a vast range of options to cater for your needs.

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Need tailored plastic food containers?

If you are unable to find the plastic food containers you require in our standard range, we are happy to produce to order. In that case, we sit down with you to design a unique packaging unit in joint consultation, that is wholly geared to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Our thin-walled packaging units for single use are made using one of two manufacturing technologies: injection moulding or thermoforming.

Depending on the kind of applications you have in mind, we will advise the right type of raw material to be used. We are also available to apply decoration onto the packaging models of your choice using a variety of different technologies.

Quality comes first

Our plastic containers are intended to hold food. This means quality and hygiene are paramount at all times. In designing our containers, a great deal of attention is made to go out to stackability, the ease of carriage, sealability and shelf life of the food products.

The superlative and constant quality of our products is delivered courtesy of a stable manufacturing process whereby every single packaging unit is identical to the one that came before. In 2006, we were awarded the international BRC-IOP certificate.

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