Plastic food grade lidded cups

Need plastic food grade lidded cups?

Looking for a supplier of plastic lidded cups for the hygienic packaging of food? In that case, you will be happy to hear Lokeren-based specialist manufacturer Avamoplast has exactly what you are looking for. As manufacturer, we specialise in the direct supply of large volumes of plastic food grade lidded cups to store chains, wholesalers and food processing companies. We are happy to refer smaller-scale operators such as food and beverage establishments, butcher's shops, caterers, fruit and vegetable shops, etc. to a distributor in the area where they live. Please do not hesitate to contact us for a distributor in your local area.

The wealth of options we are able to deliver in terms of plastic food grade lidded cups is huge. Our standard range comprises a vast array of models and shapes of various description. In addition, we have a wide range of volumes and sizes. And in terms of colours and applications too, the choice on offer is particularly comprehensive.

Looking for plastic food grade lidded cups to put in the oven, the microwave, the freezer, …?

We have the right plastic food grade lidded cups to cater for every need going.

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Need a tailored made solution for your plastic food grade lidded cups?

If you are unable to find the plastic food grade lidded cup you require in our particularly comprehensive range, we are happy to design a unique packaging unit, whereby everything is 100% geared to suit your specific needs and requirements.

Courtesy of our two manufacturing technologies (injection moulding and thermoforming) and the different types of plastics we use, we have the right solution for every specific need.

For the decoration or personalisation of your packaging units too, we can offer a lot of options, including in-mould labelling (IML) or dry-offset printing.

Quality is our priority

As our plastic lidded cups are intended to be used in the food industry, elements such as quality, hygiene and food safety are our main focal points. Our products stand out in terms of robustness, durability, shelf life and sealability.

We want every packaging unit that we produce to be identical to the one that came before it. Our highly motivated packaging experts place a premium on unconditional reliability. In testament to our unrelenting commitment to quality, we hold the international BRC-IOP certificate.

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