Plastic food grade packaging supplies

Looking for plastic food grade packaging supplies?

Since the company got under way in 1993, Avamoplast has waxed to become the leading specialist in plastic food grade packaging supplies. Our product range of plastic food grade packaging supplies covers hundreds of different types of plastic containers, boxes, etc. in all imaginable sizes, shapes and colours. All of our products are singled-walled and intended for single use.

Who are our plastic food grade packaging supplies aimed at?

As developer and manufacturer, we deliver our plastic food grade packaging supplies in large volumes directly to wholesalers, store chains and food companies.

Smaller-scale operators such as food and beverage establishments, butcher's shops and fruit and vegetable shops are catered for by our distribution network. On simple request we are happy to refer you to an Avamoplast product distributor in your local area.

Quality is paramount

As we develop and produce plastic food grade packaging supplies, quality and food safety are at the very heart of our concerns at all times. We hold an international BRC-IOC certificate which corroborates our quality awareness.

Each packaging unit is identical to the one that came before and the one that comes after it. In addition, our products deliver a sterling performance in the areas of sealability, robustness, shelf life and hygiene.

Discover our standard products

Our 250+ standard products are perfectly capable of meeting far and away the bulk of plastic food grade packaging supply needs. These containers, trays, boxes and punnets come in a large variety of different sizes, shapes, colours, materials, with different lids and are intended for a wide array of different applications.

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Thanks to the practical filters you will find the products of interest to you in a whisk. Save them in your ‘info basket’ and send us your request online. In response, we will provide you with a no-obligation quote for the packaging units that take your interest.

Need a unique packaging unit?

In the event you are unable to find the plastic packaging you require in our standard range, we are happy to produce to order. In this case we work up a unique packaging unit that is entirely geared to your specific needs and requirements. Obviously this is cost-effective only as from larger volumes. For one thing, a dedicated mould needs to be created for your packaging.

Depending on the intended application, we use various types of plastics. Our manufacturing technologies are injection moulding and thermoforming.

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