Tailor made solutions


Unique design

Are you looking for a peculiar packaging that fits on your automatic filling machine? Or are you looking for a decoration that catches the eye? We are well-placed to provide you with the specific packaging you desire. A short presentation:


Filling & packaging machine

You are in possession of an automatic filling and packaging machine, you want to remodel the packaging you are working with, but it has to keep on running on your existing machine? It's the in-house speciality to resolve these kind of questions. Together with you we develop the packaging with the right volume, strength, view, stack height, sealing border,... After design, samples are made. After approval of the samples, we start the creation of a quality mould that guarantees you a smooth processing of the new packaging on your automated filling line.



Because printed packaging boosts sales, most products in our catalogue can be decorated with offset printing. Hence you can turn a standard item from our range into your own, self-styled product. Simply submit your design to us, or entrust the whole project to us. We will ensure that, in the shortest possible time, a design is developed, based on our 'stock-in-trade' knowledge, entirely to your specification. Printed pots and lids are available on orders of 30 000 pieces or over.

If you want your package to be even more attractive, you can opt for lids with an in-mould label. In this, a label is inserted in the mould during production. The label melts together with the product. This can only be done with injection moulded packaging. You take care of the layout and provide us with your labels, or you entrust everything to us. Because we have many years' experience, we can help you from the design right through to the final realization. 


And what did you think of identifying your product with a specific colour, an engraving, with a special closure or even more?