Quality is a matter of reproducibility. Control of the production process is the major concern.

The process of quality starts with the packaging design. We count with numerous parameters while creating and developing a new product, being steadiness, stacking height, clarity, functionality... By using precise and reliable machines and moulds of high quality, the right packaging is being produced. The selection of the material, adjusted to the contents, and the use of the packaging determines the final result.

We produce mainly for food purposes. Our whole organisation is set for this goal. Our packaging products are produced in the right circumstances. A high level of automation is good for hygiene. Our packers permanently check all produced items before putting them into cardboard boxes or metal cages. On a regular base, extra checks are done, all this to avoid delivery of non-compliant packaging to the customer.

The whole production process is monitored and production data is saved from every production batch. Together with traceability data from all used material, this is used to reduce and resolve all sorts of quality problems and avoid occurrence in the future


We do this out of conviction and honour. The focus on quality is further confirmed in the BRC/IoP certificate, that we possess since 2006.