Manufacturer of plastic food packaging

Avamoplast provides safe and leak-free food packaging

Avamoplast has been developing and producing plastic food packaging since 1993.

We offer a wide array of products, from trays for ready meals, containers for ice cream, meat or fish, to packaging for vegetables and soups. This has led major food producers in Belgium and abroad to choose Avamoplast packaging for their products, making them a part of everyday life in all major supermarkets.

We focus on food safety for consumers, ensuring our plastic packaging complies with all standards and is completely leak-free. We value the quality of every bit of standard-range and custom packaging we make.

Thank you for your trust in Avamoplast and our fine collaboration in 2019!

Avamoplast is closed from Tuesday, December 24th to Wednesday, January 1st, 2020. Up from Thursday, January 2nd we will be ready to make it a successful new year, together with you.
We wish you and your family happy holidays and all the best for 2020!


Thermoforming and injection moulding as production techniques can fulfil many packaging needs in a targeted way.

Your partner in plastic packaging

As a plastic food packaging manufacturer, Avamoplast specialises in safe and leak-free packaging. Our standard materials are always in stock and can therefore be delivered swiftly. Though if you prefer custom packaging, then Avamoplast will think about the best solution for your specific product together with you.