Avamoplast brochure in three languages

New: Avamoplast brochure in three languages

‘One material, endless possibilities’ is the title of our Avamoplast brochure. The brochure takes you through our story in 12 pages – from the founding of the family business to our choice for monoplastic to our tailor-made solutions. It mainly serves as an introduction to our company and also contains the strengths of our sustainability vision. “It is a much more elegant document than our previous catalog,” says operations manager Tom. The brochure has been available in English for a while, but has recently also become available in Dutch and French. From now on, it will also receive an annual update and new edition.

Avamoplast obtaines ISCC certification

One material. Endless possibilities.

Monoplastic is made of just one material instead of a mix. That makes it easier to sort and recycle into new, high-grade plastic. Our mono-material can be fully recycled reducing the environmental impact.We want to be a leader in manufacturing sustainable plastic packaging.  This ISCC PLUS certification enables us to offer PP and PE packaging consisting of up to 100% circular, bio-circular or biomaterials under the Mass Balance approach.  A principle where circular of bio-based raw materials are mixed with fossil based raw materials at the start of the chain.  This means packaging for food an medical industry can now be produced with, say, bio-circular PP!

Up to 100% recycled plastic

The Mass Balance principle allows us, after PET, to increase PP and PE packaging sustainability to 100% upon our clients’ request.  We are one of the first packaging manufacturers in the Benelux to offer its clients this claim.  They have now the opportunity to display the claim that their PP or PE packaging consists of 100% recycled or bio-based plastic, on their packaging.  With assorted official ISCC PLUS guarantee logos.  This way, the consumer will be informed directly and transparantly about sustainability efforts in the entire production chain.
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