The passion for our packaging goes hand-in-hand with our responsibility for its impact

Plastic is the packaging material for food these days. At the same time, however, we realise that plastic has received plenty of bad press in recent years. This is why respect for people and the environment is one of our major responsibilities and the reason why, like our clients, we advocate the use of alternative raw materials in the future. But the switch to more sustainable alternatives needs time. So as a manufacturer, we focus on making our materials recyclable.

Still Avamoplast is an environmentally friendly business on 4 different levels.

Waste management

Every packaging design is calculated down to 1/100 of a mm, as this way we ensure our products are as thin and as sustainable as possible and make sure we use only as much material as we need to store the food inside safely and leak-free.

This in turn limits production waste. The little waste we do have is ground down and returned to our supplier who reuses it for new foil and recycled products.

Quest for renewable materials

We follow the latest sustainable trends in our industry very closely, while trialling alternative raw materials if we notice they may have real potential for us. Think, for instance, of bioplastics. They could become the renewable and recyclable material of the future.

Saving energy

We reuse the heat generated by our compressors in our central heating.

We also have solar panels on the roofs of our buildings, which supply almost a third of the total energy we need.

Doing business with a heart for people

Investing in the health of our staff is as important as caring for the environment. This is why our conveyor belt covers the entire production process. Our boxes are also tilted at a particular angle so our packers do not have to bend down to fill them with our finished products. The manual work done, a stacking robot will put everything automatically on the right pallet.

Read more about our vision for sustainability or download our Sustainability Report.

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