Quality & food safety

Safe food storage in plastic packaging

Shelf life and food safety

More than 95% of lidded plastic containers, beakers and tubs will ultimately be used to store food.

This is why it is exceedingly important to make sure they are completely safe and leak-free. Quality and hygiene are therefore our focus when designing and manufacturing our products. Avamoplast guarantees consistent quality, even for large production runs.

Recognised quality label

We obtained our first quality label in 2006, as we received our BRCGS certificate as one of the first in our industry. This means our clients can be sure our packaging is safe and of high quality.

And we have not looked back since, because every year we have been able to renew our quality label. Because storing food safely in the right plastic packaging is our top priority.

Quality in production

What does everyday life at Avamoplast centre around? Quality!

Avamoplast’s dedicated team of qualified, experienced packaging specialists are proud of the work they do and apply strict quality assurance procedures at every step of the way.

When designing packaging solutions, we check the following crucial aspects:

» Sturdiness

» Stacking ability

» Vibrancy

» Functionality and potential applications

» Proneness to leaking

» Shelf life

» Quality during the manufacturing process

Stability and reproducibility are paramount when it comes to making a quality product. This is why it is important for every single item to fulfil our standards and the reason why we work with state-of-the-art machinery and quality moulds.

During the production process, our packers constantly check the quality of our products, while we, from our side, regularly take random samples. We also register our production parameters so we can consult them later.

All these efforts enable us to guarantee all pots, beakers, tubs and containers that leave our facilities are completely safe and leak-free.