Why we swear by monoplastic

All our packaging is made of monoplastic materials. That’s not just by chance. Monoplastic packaging has all the benefits of traditional plastic packaging but with less impact on the environment.

One material. Endless possibilities.

One material

Monoplastic is made of just one material instead of a mix. That makes it easier to sort and recycle into new, high-grade plastic. With traditional plastic, you have to separate the different layers to be able to recycle them. Our mono-material can be fully recycled, without processing.Plus, our packaging is made of up to 50% recycled materials, reducing the environmental impact even more.

Monoplastic and the food industry: a match made in heaven

Packaging is necessary to protect your product. Monoplastic delivers more than this basic need: it can be re-used and recycled into a new raw material. That way, we help protect our planet’s natural resources.

Why monoplastic is the champion of the food industry


Plastic forms an effective barrier against water, contamination, bacteria and other kinds of external influences.


You can usually tell a product’s fresh just by looking at it. Plastic is ideal for see-through packaging.

High quality 

High-quality monoplastic is strong, easy to stack and doesn’t leak. It extends your product’s shelf life.


Good quality packaging is dishwasher safe, meaning it can be used over and over again. When it can’t be used any more, recycling is easy!