There’s a lid for every pot. Or the right production technique.

Not all plastic packaging is the same. Certainly not food packaging. Packaging for a salad has different specs than for ice cream. Whatever you need, we have the right materials and techniques in-house.

One material. Endless possibilities.

Our production techniques

Depending on your needs, the application and the content, we will either opt for thermoforming or injection moulding. If your product needs to be heated up in the microwave, you’ll need a different application than if you’re selling salads with an acidic dressing.

Food safety & quality guarantees

Food safety, quality and hygiene are Avamoplast’s top priorities. Our plastic packaging materials for food are made to be resistant to specific substances such as marinades, acids and dairy. In 2006, we were the first in our sector to get the BRCGS certificate.

Why monoplastic is the champion of the food industry


Plastic forms an effective barrier against water, contamination, bacteria and other kinds of external influences.


You can usually tell a product’s fresh just by looking at it. Plastic is ideal for see-through packaging.

High quality 

High-quality monoplastic is strong, easy to stack and doesn’t leak. It extends your product’s shelf life.


Good quality packaging is dishwasher safe, meaning it can be used over and over again. When it can’t be used any more, recycling is easy!