Production techniques

Production techniques for plastic food packaging

Thermoforming and injection moulding

Avamoplast uses two production techniques for its packaging: thermoforming and injection moulding, as these offer all our clients a targeted packaging solution for their needs.

We also replenish the stocks of our most requested standard plastic containers, tubs and lids, for which food producers, processors, major supermarket chains and catering wholesalers can always count on quick deliveries.

Our production facilities in Lokeren are equipped with state-of-the-art thermoforming and injection moulding machinery for the manufacturing of plastic packaging. Both techniques obviously have their own characteristics and benefits. This is why we opt for either, depending on our client’s packaging wishes. After all, an ice cream tub requires different properties than a tray for ready-to-eat salad.

Types of plastic

As our machinery works with a range of materials to make finished plastic packaging, Avamoplast opts for polystyrene, polypropylene, PETG, APET or polyethylene, depending on the application needed.


All packaging bears the logo or name of the product inside.

Thanks to in-mould labelling (IML), this printing can be done during the injection moulding process, creating unique effects on your packaging. Note though that this printing method can only be used with injection moulding!

Avamoplast also offers pre-printed plastic foil processing and provides dry offset printing for plastic packaging.

Whatever the technique you choose, we only think about the quality of every finished item.