Monoplastic, your guarantee of food safety

Over 95% of our monoplastic pots with lids, cups and boxes are used to store food. Every piece of packaging that leaves our factory must therefore be 100% safe for food use and, where needed, leak-proof. We give you that guarantee.

One material. Endless possibilities.

Food-safe and leak-free packaging

We guarantee you consistent quality and food safety, including in large production runs. We do that by always taking into account the same crucial parameters in the design phase: strength, stacking, clarity, functionality, leak-tightness and shelf life. We use state-of-the-art machinery and high-quality moulds, with constant quality control and sample tests. And we also register and save all our production settings.

With a BRCGS Certificate!

We don’t just say we make food safety in the right monoplastic packaging a top priority. We guarantee it! The BRCGS Certificate We were one of the first in our sector, and now it gets extended every year.

Why monoplastic is the champion of the food industry


Plastic forms an effective barrier against water, contamination, bacteria and other kinds of external influences.


You can usually tell a product’s fresh just by looking at it. Plastic is ideal for see-through packaging.

High quality 

High-quality monoplastic is strong, easy to stack and doesn’t leak. It extends your product’s shelf life.


Good quality packaging is dishwasher safe, meaning it can be used over and over again. When it can’t be used any more, recycling is easy!