1. Our quotations and offers are made without any obligation on our part. In the event of a change in wage and material costs, we reserve the right to make adjustments.
  2. The commitments taken by our representatives and employees are only valid after complementary and written confirmation, signed by a director, to the buyer. .
  3. All merchandise is collected and accepted in our warehouses and travels at the risk of the addressee, even with carriage paid.
  4. In case of non-conformity of the delivered goods with the specifications , customers are requested to submit a complaint to the driver immediately upon unloading and to state the findings on the delivery note. Complaints are not valid if the customer signs for a proper receipt.
  5. Delivery times are given for information only and can never be used against the fa as a claim for compensation for later shipment. Whatever the delay in the delivery period, this does not give the right to refuse the ordered goods, unless a written cancellation has been accepted by us.
    We are also allowed to make partial deliveries. The agreed quantity of goods to be delivered applies with a margin of 10% more or less. With special productions even with 20% more or less. (Special productions are articles to which the customer imposes special conditions of raw material or of execution).
  6. Each sale is concluded subject to good references; and we are entitled at all times during the course of the agreement to request sufficient warranty certificates for the proper execution.
  7. For orders under €500 (excl. VAT), an administration fee of €25 will be charged.
  8. All cases of force and scarcity of raw materials give us the right to destroy an order or to postpone its execution.
  9. Our invoices are payable in cash in Sint-Niklaas on the date. The sums not paid on the date of their due date will automatically yield an interest of 1.5% per month of delay, without prior notice of default being required. Expenses of recurring bills of exchange or receipt cards shall be borne by the purchaser. In addition, an increase of 20% of the unpaid invoice amount, with a minimum of 40 euros, will be applied by operation of law and without prior notice of default.
  10. In the event of suspension of payment, we reserve the right to either to destroy the sale or to suspend the delivery and in any case to demand immediate payment of the delivered goods.
  11. Deliveries will only be made via roads that can be driven on. The unloading must be done by the buyer.
  12. No remarks regarding quantity, type, shape or quality will be accepted more than eight days after receipt of our shipping note.
  13. The quality rule applies the standard as generally applicable in the sector, in terms of quality, size and quantity. The tolerance on the color of a printed article between the sample and the delivered product cannot be a reason for rejection insofar as the product falls within the generally applicable printing standard
  14. Leather determined defect in our delivery cannot continue beyond simply replacing the delivered goods. The parts to be replaced remain our property and the transport costs from outside the city are at the buyer’s expense.
  15. If, after a delivery has been made, one of our representatives determines that it has suffered damage, either through negligence or for other reasons, the costs shall be borne by the customer. In the event of a dispute regarding the responsibility of our customers, we are authorized to appoint an expert
    to determine this.
  16. Reporting quality defects does not justify postponement of payment or making the invoice unpayable.< /li>
  17. Designs, moulds, drawings, printing images and clichés ordered by us and paid for by the customer, remain our (intellectual) property unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  18. For goods to be taken back in good condition a depreciation of 25% will be applied to cover the costs incurred.
  19. Retention of title: the delivered goods remain our property until full payment of the outstanding balances. In the event of default of payments, our goods will be taken back by us at the expense of the buyer.
  20. If any clause of these terms and conditions of sale should be invalid, all other clauses will remain in full force and effect.
  21. In case of dispute, only the court of Sint-Niklaas has jurisdiction