Extend your products’ shelf life

No other material protects foods from external influences better than plastic. Plastic keeps food safe, healthy and appealing for longer. That way, we avoid your costly products ending up in the dump. Moreover, our plastic is all sustainable plastic!

...made out of 100% recyclable material.

A lot of thought has gone into the materials we use to protect your products. Our packaging is made out of 100% monoplastic, a sustainable plastic that is easy to sort and recycle.

100% sustainable raw materials!

Thanks to our ISCC PLUS certification, PP and PE packaging from 100% circular, bio-circular or biomaterials are now a possibility!

Voka Charter Sustainable Entrepreneurship

A tailored action plan for business operations that is profitable for your company and the planet.

Valuable raw materials instead of disposable products

By committing to 100% recyclability, our materials are not a waste stream after use but a new inflow of materials to help produce high-quality, recycled packaging. Again and again